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Ramblings : Is It Necessary?

Let say u bought a shampoo
but when it is finished, u need to refill it.
So, u bought the refill.
But every time u refill,
(her face smeared to protect her identity)
u always spill it.
So u wonder what can u do to resolve this problem?
After much thinking and researches, u came out with this solution.


I'm sure u guys know what is this little "solution".

Yes, it is a funnel.

But is it NECESSARY to USE a FUNNEL to transfer the shampoo refill into the shampoo bottle?

Take a look at the image below :


Inomata claims that using this funnel will make your life easier as it is convenient and while using it you will feel joyful.

And u expect me to pay RM5.90 just to freaking transfer the refill ?!?!?!?

How "practical" is that?

FYI : I didn't blog about how "unpractical" it is OR why i regret buying this.

I just wanna share with u guys that certain things even minor problem can be solved without paying a single cent.

I've Been Dreaming of Getting These :

More to come.

222nd Post : Does It Matters? (Ramblings)

1. Does it matters when your parents asked you why the water bill so much when there's two people living in the apartment?
    - No need to wash clothes ah? No need to mop floor ah? No need to wash balcony ah? No need to wash porch area? No need to wash plates ah?

2. Does it matters when your parents keep asking you when will you get the confirmation letter from your employer?
   - Whether I get or not, does it matters? Just because government is giving away subsidies to those disabled, and just because you're an ex-government servants, doesn't mean that I deserve it. I choose to be on private sector also cannot ah? Did I asked for the subsidies? I FUCKING HATE GOVERNMENT !!!!

3. Does it matters to pay for your parking when you park your car at a Cash & Carry Hypermarket?

   - Hello !!! We pay so much to buy so many things from your place, and yet you STILL want to CHARGE us for the FREAKING parking !?!?!?!?!

4. Does it matters when your parents need to know how much is your freaking salary?

   - Let's say I earn 4 figures starting 2, and then? Think I don't know that I have to pay for freaking TAX?

I like to earn low with 3 figures, cannot meh?

How much I earn also you need to know?

Might as well I broadcast it all around the world that I'm a hearing impaired person, living life with 3 figures salary, and need some help from FREAKING GOVERNMENT?

Hello !!

Everyone has their own choice.

How can they learn to succeed when they are not allowed to experience the sufferings and hardships just like those poors?

I rather be poor than living a carefree life.

5. Does it matters when your parents need to know how do you go to work? Let's say it is only walking distance, walk instead of driving.

   - What if let's say last night you are working full swing shift, from morning to night, and you're so freaking tired, and you woke up late the next day, when your shift next day is morning shift. Of course you need to wake up fast, dress up fast and drive as fast as you can to the workplace.

6. Does it matters when your mom asked you why you got so many pimples on your face? And yet she told you that pimples indicates heat in your blood.

   - Hello !! I'm not as clever and informative as you ok !!! Just because you know all about health, doesn't means that your children must know everything what you know.

Hello !! For your information, I'm not that kind of person that care so much about my face and my health, because I know I'm a fuck up, I fucked up, ok ?


7. Does it matters when your mom asked you what do you eat for break?

   - Hello !!! What I eat, where I eat, whom I eat with, How much I spend for food?

Get a FUCKING LIFE already !!

Mind your own freaking business and SHUT THE FUCK UP !!!

Where Do We Come From?

Take a look at the picture below.

What do you see?

The Evolution of Humans?


Now comes the questions.

1. Do you believe that we came from Gorilla?

2. Where the hell Gibbon comes from?

3. Which era did Adam exist?

4. Which era did Eve exist?

5. If all of us came from Gibbons, how come all the four evolutions still exist?

My answers.

1. I guess.

2. Somewhere. Like I freaking know. I don't read LONG articles. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibbon

3. According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y-chromosomal_Adam , geneticist Spencer Wells says Adam was a single man who lived in Africa around 60,000 years ago, based on his analytical results of Y-chromosome DNA from all the male in the world.

4. 50,000 to 80,000 years ago before Adam. Lived in East Africa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitochondrial_Eve

5. Don't tell me all of us are the successful result of experiments by scientist? Those four previous evolutions failed to survive the experiments and remain as it is?

Craps : Najib and his Kitten

Najib bought RM650 kitten.

and then?


"Najib had bought the orange and white Persian kitten for RM650 during the launch of the “Buy Malaysia” campaign. The call has attracted over 500 responses so far, with “1Malaysia” topping the list of the names suggested."

bought kitten also no need to tell the press la. keep it to yourself la.

might as well, adopt all the stray kittens in the whole world la if u want to let the whole world to know that u care for animals.

can't think of a name?

how about :

Altantuya Shaariibuu


Tengok Mood

Mamma Mia 2 !!!!!!

Ramblings : Mang-Tang-Ngang

Sword 2 is having mang-tang-ngang right now. How long ah? How long wan to mang-tang-ngang ah?

Mamma Mia !!!!!!

Car : Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Tuner : Geiger Cars

890 horsey
Torque: 694 lb-ft
Displacement : 7.6 litres
Top speed : 220 mph

Ramblings : Is it so difficult .....

to chop garlic or onions or dried chillies or dried shrimp on a

instead of using

Stupid freaking
people staying upstair my floor.

Chopping slow you down?

Need a faster pounding?

Introducing a brand NEW solution :

Put your garlic in between the drop hammer and the pile of the concrete. Can't picture it?

Here's a diagram for you (stupid freaking mortar and pestle pounder !!!!) to understand.


 In no time you'll be hassle-free !!!!

Satisfaction guaranteed !!

Ramblings : Tun Omar Ong Yoke Lin

Dia sudah mati. Sebab tua. 92 tahun.


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